REHM Grinaker Construction Co. Ltd was founded in 1991, servicing the commercial, industrial, residential, power, water, roads and water market sectors in Mauritius.

With our strong and trusted history spanning over two decades, we’ve come to be known as a well-respected and admired Mauritian brand.

REHM Grinaker Construction has become a leading multi-disciplinary construction company today because of our ability to deliver projects of high complexity on time and within budget. Our expert staff create value for clients, shareholders, and REHM Grinaker Construction alike.

We set ourselves apart from the competition by way of innovative, one of-a-kind solutions combined with our project and engineering know-how.

At all times, we are aware of our responsibility to our clients, business partners, shareholders, and employees, as well as to our social and natural environment. With an eye toward our long-term success, we nurture the relationship between business, the environment, and social responsibility.

Financial Highlights:
Year ended 30 June

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Board of Directors

Executive Committee

MAIGROT Nicolas Marie Edouard

BSc in Management Sciences (London), Chairman

HAREL Antoine Louis

(Hons) in Accounting and Computing

CLOETE Neil Vincent


HAREL Charles Paul Luc

MBA - University of Birmingham, England

HAREL Joseph Alexis

BSc (Bus Admin – Accounting) USA

HAREL Marie Donald Henri

ACIS (South Africa)

YOUNG Christian Yong Kiang

Non-Executive Alternative Board Member
Alternate to Messrs Antoine & Charles Harel
Fellow member of ICAEW
Bachelor of Science

CLOETE Neil Vincent

Managing Director


Construction Executive

PYNEANDEE Bhoovanesan

Business Development Executive

DAMREE Bibi Faezah

Finance Executive

Corporate Governance

REHM GRINAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD operates under a Corporate Governance “Policy and Code of Conduct” charter which embraces the principles and recommendations set out in The National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius (2016), and as such the Company is committed to high standards of corporate governance.

The Company affirms its commitment to the principles of openness, integrity and accountability.

Company Management has been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that both Management and Staff of the Company are aware of the Company’s commitment to good corporate governance.

All the staff has received the REHM GRINAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD, Code of Business Conduct’, which is a summary of the basic principles which they must all adhere to.


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Code of Business Conduct

Whistle Blowing Policy